Thursday, July 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Trying my best to get a photo of her smiling. I was munching on her feet while aiming my phone at her. And the result is one of my favorite photos of her so far. Chatty gal telling me about her day.

How does she manage to get even cuter? I have no idea, but she does.

Bronte's art projects from the month of July! Have I mentioned we LOVE her daycare?
Handprints on a wind catcher: Left hand in blue, right hand in red.

Bronte's 4 month old baby foot in clay. That's a keeper!


  1. Nice stuff, the foot print doesn't look like a Brontesaurus fossil though.

  2. Love all of this post, start to finish! :oD

  3. She's definitely adorable.

    If you two get a DSLR camera, you'll be able to get way more non-blurry photos of her. :)